Surge Protection

Surge Protection Against Power Surges

Power surges are brief overvoltage spikes or disturbances of a power waveform that can possibly damage or destroy electronic equipment within your home or business. Most electronics are designed to handle small variations in voltage; however, power surges can reach amplitudes of tens of thousands of volts, which can be damaging to your electronic equipment. Surges can be caused by internal sources, like HVAC systems with variable frequency drives, or caused by external sources, such as lightning strikes.

Carroll Electric encourages the installation of surge protector power strips to safeguard your sensitive electronics. If you’re experiencing frequent surges in your home or business and you believe the cause is internal, please contact a qualified electrician to inspect your electrical system.

Carroll Electric Cooperative also leases meter-based surge protection devices for both 200-amp and 400-amp services.  For more information and pricing, please call a Member Services Representative at 1-800-432-9720.