Safety Presentations

Carroll Electric is committed to educating members on the importance of electrical safety.  Nothing is more important than your safety.  Several presentations (and some hands-on) options are of charge...for schools, civic clubs, churches, fire departments, etc.

High Voltage Safety Demonstration

    • Typically conducted in an outside venue.  This demonstration uses a trailer equipped with poles, transformers, and other standard equipment found on an electric system.
    • Presenters discuss the purpose and function for each piece of equipment.
    • Under very safe, controlled conditions, electric arcs are made to occur, demonstrating the reason for Carroll Electric's emphasis on safety.
    • This demonstration can be scheduled by contacting the safety and training manager at 800-432-9720.
Safety Demonstration

Safety Town Presentation

  • Available for inside or outside venues (where an electricity source is available).
  • A table-top presentation, simulating a typical neighborhood.
  • Presenters discuss electrical safety using "Lightning Lizzy" and "Neon Leon."
  • This entertaining yet informative presentation is good for all ages.
  • Call the member services department at 800-432-9720 to schedule this presentation.
Safety Demonstration

School Presentations

  • Making Accidents Disappear PresentationMaking Accidents Disappear: Magician Scott Davis makes electrical safety come alive through illusions and audience participation.
  • You'll be amazed at how the topic of electrical safety can be magical!
  • Scott's magic and comedy are appropriate for all ages.
  • To check on the availability of this magical safety presentation, call the member services department at 800-432-9720.